6 Films Starring Comedic Actors Worth a Watch

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Ramblings on Film

Coming off of the depressing flick that was Walter Mitty, I decided to feature a few films I really enjoyed sometimes overlooked because of their “Comedic Stars.”

6) Stranger than Fiction.

This movie starring Will Farrell takes a spin on how a story comes to life, when Will Farrell discovers his life is being written by another person. As a writer I enjoyed the thought that someone’s characters could in fact be real and come to life. Witty, smart and takes an interesting approach to storytelling on film.


5) Punch Drunk Love.

Adam Sandler stars in what is likely his best work to date, which arguably is not saying too much considering some of the things he has put out lately. It is dark, witty and emotional.


4) Little Miss Sunshine.

This movie stars Steve Carell among a host of other amazing actors. Dan in Real life is…

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