Poem with a Stranger

The grass glimmered with each step

like my dreams, would slip away

Like my footing, as I approached the sea

To be lost forever, is what I prayed

This longing in my heart’s still strong

I still hear its silent screams

I’m blinded by internal rage

Love and anger, always intertwine

Like lost lovers, under blankets and sheets

The splendor lurking inside one’s mind

Best intentions don’t match the possible blunders

Exposed like nudes in day

But no amount of smiles can hide the fact that they’re broken

You can weld the pieces together, but they’ll never be whole again

If five cups of tea cannot soothe a throat

Fuel the soul, fuel the mind with things once abandoned

And if that doesn’t work, don’t continue to drown your life in sorrow

Whiskey works much better indeed

Written every other verse with a stranger.


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