The Pink Rose

There once was a young girl who fell so deeply and madly in love with a boy.

She would watch him from afar.

Eventually they became friends and he fell in love with her too.

He told her that her lips were like two pink rose petals.

One day he disappeared.

She searched the woods for him.

Calling his name out at night.

She was young and beautiful and her heart was broken.

She turned to a witch to wipe her memory completely of this boy.

She wanted so desperately to forget.

The witch was jealous of her, having never loved or been loved.

The witch cursed her and turned her to stone and left her deep in the woods.

Everyday the girl would shed a tear for her long lost love.

With each tear the stone was withered and began to crumble.

Until eventually all that remained was a pile of dirt and sand.

The boy never returned.

But in that place where she withered, lies a rose bush.

Filled with pink roses.

Her pain and her sadness gave birth to beauty.

And her love is spread on, through others.

With each pink rose they pick.



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