3 Days to Kill (In Theaters)

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Ramblings on Film

3 Days to Kill stars Kevin Costner as CIA agent Ethan Renner who finds out he is dying and attempts to reconnect with his ex-wife and teenage daughter, both of whom he has not seen in years. He is approached to help finish a job by Vivi (Amber Heard) another operative in exchange for an experimental drug that could extend/save his life.

This film brings the action right away and keeps pace pretty well through out. That being said the story does not end up getting lost in the mix as things explode and people die around Ethan. When you review a movie like this, I think it is important to review it for what it is and not with the same criteria you might for an Oscar contender. It is meant to be a spy/action/drama and I feel it delivers well. It is over the top and unrealistic, but…

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