Some Day

Few are privy to the secrets inside my heart,

Even fewer to the darker ones inside my head.

I lay awake at night, mulling over tone deaf voices,

Singing songs, trying to drive me crazy.

I can’t hold a tune, but I can hum along,

The buzzing of my lips and as the melody rides up my throat.

Nonsensical rhythm and beat,

I drone on and on and on and on.

It’s familiar, but not in the way one feels about sunshine,

No, more like the startling noises you hear in the dark.

The ones you try to put form to,

Try to make sense of, but can’t.

The creaks and crashes and sounds like footsteps,

Drawing nearer and nearer to you in the dark.

You want to call out, but you are too afraid,

Not of the silence that usually follows,

But that some day, it might call back.


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