I Believe

I just want to be creative.

To bring the joy and wonderment in my mind to life.

I want to live like every breath is meaningful.

Even the shuddering gasps through teary eyes.

They will mean something,

Because they are proof that I can still feel.

That even though the world around me is crumbling and burning,

Somehow I can still believe.

What do I believe, I don’t think it counts as a religion.

I believe in hope.

I have faith that given the right momentum the world can change.

The world can tip towards the light and out of the darkness.

If enough people not only wish it so,

But make it happen.

I believe in the power of nature.

I believe in the power of the quiet and silent moments.

The moments of reflection.

Without the busy chaos of this so-called”normal” life.

I believe in the moments where you can hear your own breath.

Hear your own heart beating and remember you are alive.

I believe on imagination.

I believe in goodness and kindness.

I believe there is good in all of us.

If we just take the time to look.



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